Jan Tincher, Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer
Jan Tincher
Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer

Negative Thinking -- Do You Do That And You Don't Even Know It?

Do you have the problem of thinking negatively, instead of positively? . . .

Worse, what if you really don't get it, don't think of negative thinking as a problem? Read on.

Is this you? You don't like it when people say *it* will be OK, and you KNOW *it* won't be? You think to yourself, *How can they stand there and say things like that? They don't know.*

Do you think, *Not thinking that way isn't being negative, it's being *realistic*.*

You don't like it when people say the old cliché, *Something good always comes out of something bad*? You KNOW it doesn't. How can they say things like that?

You don't like it when someone is smiling when something you consider *bad* is happening, and there you are, feeling rotten. What is wrong with these people? Don't they know things are terrible?

What is the difference between them and you?

Well, actually the other people could have been feeling terrible, but they pulled themselves out of it with positive thinking, or looking ahead and knowing that this too shall pass.

Maybe they've read books on self-talk -- you know, the stuff that tells you to stop telling yourself everything is rotten and start looking at the good in things.

Maybe they realize -- and maybe you do, too, now -- that negative thinking NEVER got them anything good, and when they thought negatively, guess what -- NEGATIVE things happened!

Guess what else! They actually LEARNED from those experiences, and that's how they went from negative thinkers to positive thinkers. They wised up and saw that they didn't like what happens when they think negatively.

If you are a negative person, do you think you can change?

Do you think you can take control of your thoughts and start finding the good things in life? Do you think you can start seeing the good things, so that they can start happening more and more frequently to you? I think you can! Why? Because I KNOW that if you can think, you can change. You just have to decide to do that.

If you've decided, congratulations!

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher, Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer

Jan Tincher,

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