Jan Tincher, Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer
Jan Tincher
Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer

Do You Have A Hard Time Trusting People?

Do you want to trust them? Do you know how to trust them? How can you trust that you know how to trust them? . . .

Really, it’s very simple. It is like a *recipe*, so pay close attention.

You’ve trusted someone before, and it was wrong, correct? Remember that specific time. Can you remember how it felt?

Lots of times it has a specific feeling in our gut. Can you remember what was going on when you decided to trust that person? The minute they said they would do whatever you were trusting them to do, but they didn’t, what was the sequence here?

By sequence, I mean did you see a picture in your mind, then say something to yourself like "I know he’s not going to do it." Then, did you get the feeling in your gut?

Or maybe you heard your thoughts first, then felt that feeling, then saw a picture in your mind.

Or maybe you felt that feeling, then saw a picture in your mind, then heard your thoughts.

Let’s look at it again. Someone says they’ll do something for you. Does your brain go, "Oh-oh." Does your picture in your mind flash? Does your stomach clench? Or was it entirely different?

Remember, to find the sequence figure out which happens first, then second, then third. You will find that whenever you shouldn’t have trusted someone, your body follows the same procedure each time. It follows the same *recipe.* At any rate, you now know the sequence.

Here’s a way to double check:

Think of a time when you totally trusted someone and it was good. What *recipe* did you follow? Did you get a good feeling in your gut, a nice picture in your mind, did you think good thoughts? Now, think of a different time you totally trusted. Did the same procedure happen? Probably.

*** Now, do you know why some people say *I knew it in my gut.*

Pay attention to the different things that *always* happen to you.

Now, you know how to use it to your advantage. If you start getting the same responses that you always get when you shouldn’t trust someone, then stop right there. Don’t let it go any farther. Listen to yourself, to your body, not to the words that person is saying or the rationalization that’s going on in your mind. Listen to what your whole body and mind are saying.

Remember, we all have *recipes* we can follow -- once we know them. If you find the *recipe* you are following isn’t good, stop. There are just some people in life that aren’t trustworthy, and we always seem to wish we’d have known ahead of time. Well, now we can. Good luck.

Thanks for reading,

Jan Tincher, Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer

Jan Tincher,

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